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Kelly Thorson
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Post by Kelly Thorson » Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:05 am

A year ago Rick Janzen sent me some pictures of the set he built for the movie Passchendaele. Last night Jim and I went and watched it in the theatre. The main part of the set which took close to four months to build was blown up in the first ten minutes or so of the show. It was really interesting watching the movie with inside information on the set construction. It was also really fun to see all the old signs and window lettering painted by Stu Friesen. The movie was an interesting deviation from the normal stance taken in most war movies.
This review sums it up pretty accurately in my opinion.
With a $20-million budget that would barely cover the lead actor's salary on a U.S. studio blockbuster, Paul Gross - who writes, directs and stars in the production - manages to create a stunningly bleak landscape in which weary Canadian soldiers prevailed against a relentless German assault and a punishing rain. Gross also manages to juggle smart, sober themes on the futility of war and heroic personal sacrifice without treading too heavily on the morality of armed conflict.
Congrats to Rick on a job well done - I wish it hadn't been so close to the Moose Jaw meet, because I sure regret not being able to accept the opportunity to participate, it's cool enough just knowing you offered though. :) Congrats to Stu as well on the downtown Calgary signage. Having an inside track on the show really added another dimension!
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