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Jeff Cahill
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Colorado April Lettering Class expanded

Post by Jeff Cahill » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:47 pm

Dear sign-friends/ Letterheads & fellow artists,

As some of you know, I'm doing a brush lettering workshop as a fund-raiser for our local living history museum (where I volunteer as a woodworker during the summer months). It's called ROCK LEDGE RANCH and is located in Colorado Springs. The brush lettering workshop is scheduled for April 30th of this year.

You can see the breakdown of what I'm offering at < > .
Make sure to download from this site the PDF with a materials list, syllabus, instructions and more complete instructor biography. There's also a link to Quality Signs & Designs website.

I have several committed paid "newbie" registrants and a few more that should come up with their payment by the (current) March 15th deadline*, but I was hoping to do a class of about 30.... ( Looks like all of those 27 folks that signed the book during last season weren't really that interested, after all!) So it was suggested that I invite experienced folks to the event as well. It'll be nice weather at the end of April and the Ranch is an open city park but schedule-wise, it'll be before the regular summer season opens. So it WON'T have any of the houses staffed for interpretations at that time. Happily, the animals are still around and all the grounds will be open, however. It's also adjacent to the World Famous, GARDEN of THE GODS park and it would be a nice day trip in any event.

So, I'm still marketing this. I'm now opening it up to the general public and to any of the skilled folk that we know as well... Perhaps we'll wind up having 6 students and 24 paying teachers..!!?? I really didn't want to have a typical Letterheads event.. I really wanted to do an intensive PRIMER, a one day training for interested beginners... But, as this is a fund raiser, I'll now try to fill the easel spaces the best way that I can. If you feel a "CALLING" and want to participate in sharing your acquired skills and also want to contribute to a good cause, call the RANCH at (719) 578-6777 and send a check. YOU could also be one of those sparks that could ignite a few folks to help carry our dying trade into the next generation!

* With this latest push, I'm extending the registration and payment deadline to March 31st.

Yours for helping to preserve our ARTFORM,
Jeff Cahill- Quality Signs & Designs
Falcon, Colorado
(719) 683-2890

Kerri Lynn Brownlee
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Re: Colorado April Lettering Class expanded

Post by Kerri Lynn Brownlee » Mon May 02, 2011 8:38 pm

:D Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to post a report about the Lettering Class that Jeff Cahill taught last Saturday. I was one of 12 students and I learned a lot! Some of us were a little older...some a little younger...but we all shared the interest and passion for the art and concern for the future of the craft. Simple things like how to take care of your brushes (simple but very important!), what it means to see your brush do the 'hula', how to make sure your palette is 'alive', and most of all....we learned that it is easier to watch someone with years of experience than it is to pick up the brush and do it yourself. Jeff was very kind, firm and funny to learn from. The one thing that I came away with is this....


Kerri Brownlee back from 8 states in 9 days :shock:

I wanted to thank Jeff for all the time, trouble, and money that he poured into this workshop. Having put together many events for hundreds of bikers, I know how much it takes to put something like this together. THANK YOU JEFF! I look forward to PRACTICE, and attending more classes and meets in the future.

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