Lincoln Highway mural number 29 - Crest Hill, IL

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Jay Allen
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Lincoln Highway mural number 29 - Crest Hill, IL

Post by Jay Allen » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:17 pm

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Number 29 will be installed tomorrow in Crest Hill, IL

This story touts the achievements of women along the highway in its early years. Here are the stories as shown on the mural:

"Anita King, a former race car driver turned movie star, was the first woman to drive solo cross-country on the Lincoln Highway. Nicknamed the “Paramount Girl”, she left Los Angeles on August 25, 1915. Making public appearances along the route, she reached New York in 49 days. King later starred in the movie version of her journey entitled, The Race."

"Auto manufacturing company Maxwell-Briscoe was impressed with Alice Ramsey’s excellent driving in an endurance race. They proposed an all-expenses-paid trip to Ramsey if she would show the world that their new Maxwell car could take anyone, even a woman driver, all the way across America. Ramsey made history with the first all-female team to drive from New York City to San Francisco."

Due to size constraints by adjacent trees, basically, this is a 8' x 16' mural.

As always, mural panel engineering and border work by the stellar Joe Marshall . . . my design and painted by myself (Anita King) and Bill Hueg (Alice Ramsey) ... ?jsalbum=1

All that remains is Sterling, IL and Rochelle, IL . . . Done for good as of April 18th

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