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Help with paper choice

Post by Insinna » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:40 pm

Hi my name is Jeff and im in buffalo new york.... Im pretty new to lettering and thought this may be a good place for some help....ive been pinstriping since April and started practicing lettering in June.... I currently practice on glass and thats fine but wanted to know if there was a certain type of paper i should buy to practice on...sometimes i want to keep my work but end up scraping it off ....i currently use one shot paint....any help or links would be greatly appreciated....thanks

Lee Littlewood
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Re: Help with paper choice

Post by Lee Littlewood » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:20 am

For work with 1Shot and lettering (or pinstripe) brushes glass is a pretty good substrate. Smooth, easy to erase, can practice working backwards as a window sign will be. But you can't archive it. So maybe take photos? // Paper or cardboard both have a different drag than a smooth hard surface, so it isn't quite the same for thinning the paint or manipulating the brush. The smoother the paper, the less it sucks thinner out of your brush - maybe the true butcher paper that butchers use which has a plastic coating to keep blood from soaking through? If you are near a junkyard you can often stripe and paint all you want on the dead cars. Good luck and keep practicing...
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