General Rules, Guidelines, and Disclaimers for this Forum

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General Rules, Guidelines, and Disclaimers for this Forum

Post by Mike Jackson » Thu Apr 22, 2004 11:18 pm

We hope to keep this site simple and uncluttered, but a few notices are necessary.

#1: Please register using your REAL FULL nicknames!

#2: When registering, you will see a page showing some letters you must re-enter into a field. Make sure you follow the instructions EXACTLY. This is a new feature and it is very important. You will receive an email allowing you to active your account immediately.

#3. There is a box for your User Signature. If you fill in that box with your full name and town, it will accompany your post each time. No need to even type in your name after filling in your message! You can even add information there like "started in 1973"...or "formerly Golden". This signature line will help others get to know you and let us know what part of the country you are living.

Additional RULES and GUIDELINES:
Discussion Board Policy Statement
This page exists to inform you of the guidelines that you are required to follow when posting messages on the Discussion Board. These are not 'helpful hints'... these are policies, and violation of these policies will either cause your message to be removed, or to not be posted in the first place.
Do not treat these guidelines lightly. Every Discussion Board message is reviewed and is therefore checked for its adherence to these policies. Repeated violation of these policies will prompt us to temporarily ban posting priviliges from the server that you happen to be using.

Posting Guidelines
THE TOPICS of the Hand Lettering Forum are: SIGNMAKING, DESIGN, FABRICATION, LETTERHEADS, OLD SIGN BOOKS, and related issues. Posts centering around Religion, Politics, Racial Prejudices, War, Peace, Human Rights, etc will be removed immediately.

No Profanity Under no circumstances is any type of profanity or obscene language allowed. Messages containing obscene language will not be posted. Messages that attempt to circumvent this by replacing letters in obscene words with wildcards (*) will be removed. Posters who use this technique repeatedly are the quickest to be denied access to posting on the Board.

No Pornography We will not intentially host pornography on the server that I pay for. We will not willingly accept donations of pornography to this site.

No Flaming Any post that intentionally and maliciously attacks any user(s), or prompts another user to attack back, will be removed. Any post that intentionally and maliciously insults or degrades any user(s) will be removed. If you see such a post, DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Getting attention, good or bad, is the the goal of the poster... therefore, a simple (and YES, it is SIMPLE) solution is to IGNORE that post(er)... you may send me an email at to alert me of any problems in this area, or you can simply wait until we become aware of the post via other means... in any case, We WILL remove that post sooner or later. But again, DO NOT REPLY TO SUCH POSTS.

No Commercial Posts. This one is flexible to some extent. We like to know about new products related to the sign industry, but excessive posts about a specific product will be deleted at our discretion.

No trading, giving away, or asking for copyrighted clip art or fonts! Don't even ask!


Bear in mind that these rules are not iron-clad, nor are they all inclusive (as they could never be.)
They are the highlights of the manner in which we run this discussion board. You will never see a tight or inflexible definition of what a flame is, what profanity is, what pornography is, etc. on this site because those judgements are shaped within my own mind, based on our life experiences, self-consciousness, morals and ethics. As such, when you post here, placing your words and pictures on this server, you agree that we have full discretion in when and how those words and pictures will be removed, when the time comes to do so. The Internet allows you to host your own words and pictures on a site of your own; here, at this site, the Internet allows us to host as we see fit. We do not claim ownership of your words and pictures (or ideas) but we do claim the right to remove donations of these words and pictures from this server at our discretion. If this policy bothers you or causes you undue frustration, please do not post at this board.

The information provided in this Website, directory, accompanying articles, and links to other related Websites is provided as a courtesy to site visitors, and all material is intended for information, communication, and education purposes only, and is in no manner an endorsement, recommendation or approval of anyone, any product, or treatment. The information presented is not to be considered complete, nor does it contain all information that may be relevant, and therefore is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional advice or/and services. The information is not intended to replace advice offered by professionals and should not be construed as rendering advise.

Golden Era Studios, The Denver Chapter of The Letterheads and other parties involved herein make no representations or warranties with respect to any treatment, action, or application of medication or preparation by any person following the information offered or provided within or through Golden Era Studios or any other party involved herein. Neither Golden Era Studios nor any other party involved herein will be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising therefrom. Virtually, by using this server, you agree to hold harmless, and shall not seek remedy from, Golden Era Studios, the server maintainers, publishers, organizers, and its contributors; and, they shall disclaim all liability to you for damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees because of your reliance on anything derived from this web site or its contents, and furthermore assumes no liability for any and all claims arising out of said use... regardless of the cause, effects, or fault.

If you want to find the site by just typing in the address, try:

To make the changes to your profile, just click on the .Cpanel (Profile) at the top and fill in the blanks.

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Post by Mike Jackson » Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:11 am

I just made a few changes to this page. The rules should now be more concise and all in one spot.
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