Carpal tunnel syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Post by timiNC » Mon Jul 05, 2004 2:47 pm

Just read a post on this board and read about something I hate to admit but I feel is a persistant problem amongst handletterers and sign painters. So my question is, do you deal with it when that nasty quill or fitch gets electrified and that tingling numbness strikes?

Does any of the "pc" crew have any suggestions and or comments on preventive measures and or cures/solutions? I can get a mouse pad with corrective pads for this problem,but what about my stylus????? Maybe there is a device and solution someone can share here,....
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Bill Cosharek
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Post by Bill Cosharek » Tue Jul 06, 2004 12:43 am

Can't offer any info on a stylus, but must say that I prefer using an
optical scroll mouse. I use the Logitech Mini version. It aint as
small as other minis and is most comfortable to use. Mike had a post
a while ago about optical mice, but I'll add my comments here.

The mouse isn't as large as a regular one and fits nicely within the
hand structure. Fingers on the buttons, that part under the knuckles
rests on the mouse and the base of the hand rests on the surface area
behind the mouse.

I really like that scroll wheel. It helps eliminate repetitious mouse
movements. A feature I like that wasn't mentioned in the other post
(my fault - didn't contribute), is that when scrolling down a long page,
such as in reading a manual or something, pressing the scroll causes
arrows to appear. The further you move the arrow cursor away from its
source, by moving just the mouse, the faster it will scroll. Not only
can the speed be adjusted, but it can be set where it'll scroll hands
free. Just let it go.

Another way to reduce mouse clicks is to learn as many shortcut keys
as you can. Most programs will permit you to invent your own key
combinations as an option. But remember that most use the same keys
for stuff like copy & paste, etc. I guess it just depends on how
complicated you want to make it. That's something I've yet to attempt;
except in vb, where I found a few combos didn't work because they were
reserved for Window's operations. But that's irrelevant.

Hey, what about wearing a glove or wrist strap that bowlers use? That
might help. They can be found at any bowling alley or sporting goods
store. I guess any glove that offers wrist support without interfering
with your work would be helpful.

Harry Malicoat

Post by Harry Malicoat » Tue Jul 06, 2004 9:53 am

I have been dropping brushes and paint cups for half a year now (not to mention the inconvenience of the burning palms, numb and tingling fingers, etc), so I can empathise with you. There are a few things you can do like making the handles fatter and shapping them so they are not so easily dropped, but most of this is as frustrating as it is time consuming. The most positive response to the problem is a little half hour operation (I had mine done two weeks ago and get the brace off next week) that pretty much takes care of the problem. The feeling and motor movements are all back to normal ..... I am just waiting for the healing to finish, but I am working again and with much more positive outlook than I have had in a year or so. GOOD LUCK with the problem, however to tackle it.

Doug Bernhardt
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Post by Doug Bernhardt » Tue Jul 06, 2004 6:17 pm

So I'm NOT alone here. Harry's words are very comforting! Have had that tingle/numbness for quite a while now and started when I was using too small a brush for a few months. I think they were out of my usual size 4 and substituted some #3's. ... ferrule was way to small...anywho, am glad or should I say happy as . to know this might be easy to solve! There are a few other old brush dogs I know that I'll pass this link on to!

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