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Recomendations for slow size

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cam bortz
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Recomendations for slow size

Post by cam bortz »

I'm just about out of my last can of "old" Lefranc 12 hour size, and I've heard a number of different rumors about the performance of the re-formulated lead-free version. Who is using what, and what recommendations can you offer?
Danny Baronian
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Re: Recomendations for slow size

Post by Danny Baronian »

Hi Cam,

this subject was recently discussed when a failure occured with LeFranc size:

https://handletteringforum.com/forum ... f=2&t=2548

According to Mark at Sepp Leaf, the only thing that changed was the 12 hour size. After the original formula, it went through two iterations, the first pulled off the market for a year due to failure of the product. Like the original, the label is yellow, but marked with 'lead free'.

The newest formulation has a tan / brown label, is lead free, and is said to work like the original formula, but no one has posted of it's use, and would make sure you test it thoroughly prior to use.

On Doug Bernhardt's recommendation, I purchased Luna from Art Essentials of New York, it has proven to be a very good product.

Danny Baronian
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Doug Bernhardt
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Re: Recomendations for slow size

Post by Doug Bernhardt »

Bingo.....it's all right there and in earlier posts from the time of the formula change.
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