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Banner material

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Joe Morreale
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Banner material

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Ever since oil cloth disappeared years ago I have had issues obtaining quality banner stock. The last few years I've been using solvent based printing media banner. I would wash it with laquer thinner before painting. The paint was very slow to dry, crawled and sometimes it would get tiny flecks chip off. The gloss finish didn't look good either.

Well I rediscovered Tara cloth. I had forgotten all about it. It's really tough and takes paint great without any prep. Painting on the somewhat rough surface takes getting used to. i have to thin a little more than usual. Too thin and it bleeds because of the weave. It does make a nice banner though. I got mine from dick Blick. you can buy it by the yard in two different sizes. This is pic of one of my latest banners.
wedding_zpsipuh4vbq.jpg (348.02 KiB) Viewed 7589 times
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