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Great Posts!!!!!! Keep 'em Coming!

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Great Posts!!!!!! Keep 'em Coming!

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This site started as an alternative to other similar forums where social chit-chat overwhelmed the "sign making message". Over the years, we have always asked people to stay on topic, and if you were to scroll through the posts, you can see that people have been doing just that! I have always been impressed by the professionalism displayed here!

Each year, The Denver Letterheads has to evaluate whether they can support this site again for another year. Danny and I can't afford to pay for it out of pocket, so we have always appreciated their support. I am not sure of the status of the funding is this year.

Forums like this one took a beating over the past few years. About anyone could create a Facebook Page or Group on any topic, so there was a huge number of alternative places to go and check out. Activity on this forum slowed but kept on ticking and the Denver Group continued their support.

But back to the point, this site is perfect for sign makers and designers! If you ask a question, you have a good possibility that a skilled craftsman will respond in an effort to help. It is a great place to showcase your work. If you ask for a critique, you can expect compassionate responses.We've never seen a lot of "haters" here, which is one of the reasons we asked people to use their real names when signing up.

If you notice the current Chester Cunningham post, it was originally posted in 2004! All it takes is for one person to comment in the post and it comes all the way to the front page. On a Facebook user group, that post would scroll off the main page after a day or two and never resurface. We also have a SEARCH feature on this site, so if you are interested in Glue-Chip, just type it in the box and you'll likely get a wealth of information on the subject.

If you temporarily strayed away from this forum and are now seeing its value, please share your feelings with your friends and colleagues! Of course, no one here is judgemental if you find Facebook sites and this site of value. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.
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Lastly, this forum has a sister site called "http://www.TheLetterheads.com". (It is also part of the Denver funding.) That site is loaded with wonderful and useful information. Spend an hour or two there and report back! (The image above is a screen grab from TheLetterheads.com

I am not sure about the funding here yet, but we might need to do a "Fund Drive" someday? In the mean time, please post away!
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