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Janice Saunders
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Getting Involved

Post by Janice Saunders » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:27 am

I do appreciate finding this forum. It has answered many of the questions I have had and I spend a lot of time on it. I have been spending the past year teaching myself computer graphics and honing my skills as a sign artist. This winter I started learning about handcrafted signage on glass. Whew!!! I live in a heavily forested area west of Portland so chipping glass has been quite a test of my patience. On one piece, it took three times to get the chip to happen. Humidity must be the problem. Anyway, I have started four pieces that I hope will turn out so I may have something to put in my portfolio. I have and am still practicing on different techniques every single day. The attached photo is one for my niece and family. I chose silver for the simulated flood light effects because it was the least expensive. Too late for 12K so I will seal with shellac then a backup. The main copy will be 24k. The secondary copy (piano) will either be painted or vinyl. Can I attach a vinyl graphic in reverse? I am not ready to paint those keys in reverse. I feel confident about painting the guitar. I just had a thought about the strings. Someone may have some insight on how to do it. I was thinking of somehow blasting a fine indentation in the glass so the strings, (thin metal wire) will be inset. I can then paint the guitar body and neck behind the strings. What does anybody think? It is feasible. I may change some colors here or there. Suggestions? The little neon tubes may also cause me trouble as the background will be chipped and I'm not sure how the neon effect will look. I am also concerned about how the background will look being painted. (purple area.) Now I think it maybe should not be painted. Is there a paint that I can use to still have the chipped effect stand out? Still lots of questions and tests to do. I just finished blasting it and the mask is still on it. The graphic proof is what I would like it to look like. If anyone can offer any suggestions, please do.
Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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Mike Jackson
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Re: Getting Involved

Post by Mike Jackson » Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:32 am

Hi Janice,
Wow! That's an ambitious project for someone learning! It sounds like you are doing a lot of tests, and if I hadn't read that, it would have been my suggestion. You mentioned using some vinyl in the project. You'll need to be careful because paint usually peels off vinyl over time. In other words, it doesn't stick. I've heard of people adding Frog Juice to the paint to help it stick. Butch Anton could help you on that issue.

There's a lot on this site about making chambers for glue chipping. Sounds like you may have already found much of the info. There's a page on about glue chipping. Here's the link: ... formation/

I am sure others will offer additional suggestions.
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