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New Member - but an Old Soul ~ returns

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John Smith
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New Member - but an Old Soul ~ returns

Post by John Smith »

Having been "off the grid" for the last ten years or so, I am finally somewhat
back on terra firma. I have been in the Letterhead Movement since 1990 or so
after I attended Ken Millar's sign class in Columbia, SC. that is where I caught
"The Bug" and started attending every meet within my comfortable driving distance.
I joined the Shortreed's Letterville Family in January of 2000 and have been a "guest lurker"
on this forum for several years and my life hasn't been the same since.
I was even published in the Sign Business magazine in January, 1992 (4 pages) on "Hometown Boy Does Good".
I went from an absolute "know nothing" to an instructor of the arts at many meets with
working with HDU when it first came out. Having met so many extremely talented craftsmen
through the Letterheads family, it is hard to single out one or two favorite people. it is like
a mother picking a favorite child LOL LOL ..... each and every person I have met, whether it
be the New Bee or the seasoned veteran, I gained a new friend for life. Having migrated over
here from Letterville, I see all the familiar names of the members that I know personally.
for a couple of years, I traveled around the S.E. States helping sign shops move into the the HDU world.
I found that to be pretty lucrative for awhile giving first hand training to the other shops.
then the infamous YouTube became popular and the demand for my services tapered off to zip.

some of you know me for my craftsmanship of making pretty stuff or for cooking at the meets
for a "full on" brunch of omelettes on my portable grill. (my favorite way of messing with the
crowd is when someone orders an omelette with no mushrooms or onions..... I cook them all the same
and my final response was always "if you don't like it, pick it out" ~ NEXT !!!. so funny !!!

my goal in this forum is to improve upon my carving and gilding talents (or lack thereof).
having been out of the circuit for so long, I have to catch up on all the obsolete materials
that I used to use and see what is the acceptable replacement in today's world.

I have a few projects that I have made with HDU that may be beneficial to others so I will post
some "Step by Step" articles in the near future. My heart and mind is open to learning new procedures,
tips and tricks from you guys also !! like Roy and Dale says: Happy Trails to youuuuuuuu, until we meet again !

thank you for the warm welcomes !!!!!! I'mmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaccccckkkkkk !!!!!



John Smith
Kings Bay Signs (Retired)
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Kissimmee, Florida

Kings Bay Signs
Kingsland, GA ~ 1980-2008 (Retired)
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