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Patrick Mackle
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Post by Patrick Mackle » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:05 am

Some information on an old glue chipped and ANGEL GILDED glass sign circa 1940's. I first noticed this piece oddly out of place near a store entrance back in 1980 when I was starting my glass etching business in my garage. I came to find out that there had been an old glass shop at the location until the mid 70's I believe. The people who own the building liked the piece and decided to leave it in it's original stucco setting. The glue chipped and Angel gilded "P" stood for Payne Glass and Mirror. Some years after it closed, I came across the shop's old beveling machines and bought both set ups and a large LANGE cast iron glass lathe. I believe the company that made this piece was actually located in Los Angeles. Or it may have been made by a glass worker who had worked in the L.A. area and collected skills in chipping and chemical gilding. You will notice that the chips are rather large with fairly large sand blasted areas also visible. You will also notice that the appears to be a SPECIFIC distance BACK FROM THE EDGES that the glue did not chip. In other words, that are not chips in the bright areas. I suspect that when they chipped this piece, that the glue had a higher water ratio to glue. This allowed the glue to flow out evenly without chilling too soon. And that after they cut around with a blade, that the thick layer of glue presented an edge of very thin dried glue to from along the edges. This thin border of glue prevented those boundary lines from chipping because the glue was too weak to chip the glass. I CAN'T LOAD THE PHOTOS FOR SOME REASON. WILL KEEP TRYING. SORRY.

Terry Westlin
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Post by Terry Westlin » Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:09 am

Sorry you're having issues loading your pics. Please keep trying.

I always love seeing new and old work from master craftsmen.

Nice old equipment finds are few and far between.

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