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Glue chipping acid embossed glass

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Alex Sheldon
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Glue chipping acid embossed glass

Post by Alex Sheldon »

I came across a section from a text from 1923 which describes a process of glue chipping areas of plate glass that have been acid embossed.

See section 76- half way through the paragraph describes a method of using an asphaltum resist and acid embossing to prepare glass for glue chipping.

I was under the impression that the only glass that will successfully chip with animal hide glue is first treated by marring the surface with sandblasting, dropping sand from a great height using a hopper, scuffing with emery powder/emery board, or etched with a diamond scribe.

This begs the question- has anyone tried it? Does it work? Will white acid also work? It seems like this would be a much faster process than sandblasting glass and possibly produce a more brilliant chip. Or is this a case of a misinformed author that has been misled to protect trade secrets?

Either way- I think it’s interesting and deserved some attention and thoughts.

This is from an ICS booklet called “Painting and Gilding” by E.L. Koller.
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