Storing 1 Shot Paint

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Aaron Aziz
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Storing 1 Shot Paint

Post by Aaron Aziz » Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:16 pm

I would like to store one shot paint in a clear plastic paint bottle such as "apple barrel" paint comes in. Does anybody know if this will degrade the paint?

Mike Jackson
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Re: Storing 1 Shot Paint

Post by Mike Jackson » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:51 pm

There was a guy named something like Bobbo's Bottles who used to sell plastic bottles people used for paint, thinners, varnishes, and so forth.

I don't know if they were anything special. We used them for a while, but I was never really happy with the results. We even made a rack to store them upside down so the air was always at the "bottom" of the bottle and the good part was at the nozzle.

Good luck,
Mike Jackson
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Re: Storing 1 Shot Paint

Post by ericmalicoat » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:21 pm

There are a lot of more experienced people here that may be able to give you better technical information about bottles, but here is my two cents worth based on trying lots of bottles.

My father and I tried every type of bottle that we could get our hands on. In the end, we settled on two types for 1Shot. With either one, we use a flip top cap and keep plenty of extra lids around to replace ones that get gunky.

I would highly recommend against using the bottles from the beauty supply stores or places like walmart. I made that mistake once and wasted a lot of paint. The paint goes bad very very fast in them. Mine was ruined in about a month.

Most of the various paint oiented bottle brands use a flexible, milky white HDPE bottle. These work well, but seem to lose solvent over time. This leads to the paint getting thicker and the bottle distorting as is sucks in. That said, my dad always used this type for his daily use paint. Because he used a lot of volume and refilled the bottles often, the slow loss did not cause him problems. I have never had any problems with these when used with urethanes. The last couple years we both bought these from Coast Airbrush.

The second type and the one I use most often is a rigid clear PETE bottle. The paint will skin inside, but I have not had the same loss of volume or thickening of the paint with it. The 1shot website also recommends this type of bottle. It does not squeeze very well but I regularly have 1shot in one for months without degradation. I get mine from TCP global usually, but if you are going to buy 50-100+ you can buy them online elsewhere for better prices.

I still use both types. For my rack that I use for rolled paint and mixing or larger volumes, I use the HDPE. For my travel box, custom mixed colors I want to keep for later, and anything I store 4oz or less, I use PETE bottles. I also use PETE for all of my urethanes now too. Anything that I am storing for longer than a year, I stick with factory metal cans.

PS The other problem with all bottles is that to is hard to impossible to stir them. Some colors separate faster than others, but paint the has separated needs to be mixed to have the right chemistry. I shake my bottles regularly to combat this, but its a pain in the tukus.

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